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What Can A Pediatric Foot Doctor Do?

Pediatric Foot Doctor

It is never too early to have your child's foot examined. Many problems are much easier to correct at a young age rather than wait until the foot stops growing. Contrary to popular belief most foot problems are not "outgrown".

Heel Pain in a Child

Around the age of 10 years old, it is common to see an active child with heel pain. It is most noticeable after gym or a sporting activity. The most common diagnosis I see for this problem is "apophysitis" or commonly known as Severs Heel. This is an inflammation of the growth plate in the back of the heel. Treatment is always conservative and very effective. Stretching, ice, and anti-inflammatories work well. A visit to a pediatric foot doctor will be very useful to determine what else the pain might be from.


Just like the cold virus makes you sneeze, warts are skin manifestations of a virus. Most people come to the office thinking that there is a splinter on the bottom of the foot. Did you know that plantar wart just means a wart on the bottom (plantar) aspect of the foot? There is no single treatment that works on all people. Various methods include: topical medicine, oral medicine, injected medicine, laser, freezing as well as surgical removal. What determines which method is used is the age of the patient, location, size, depth, medical history, length of time of lesion as well as other factors. Our office offers many different types of treatments to accommodate everyone's needs. Infants

The size and shape of your baby's feet change quickly during their first year. The most common problem seen in this age group are ingrown nails as well as a mal-position of the feet. The ingrown nail is fairly simple to treat in the office. When visualizing a mal-position of the foot it is important to determine if there is any bone involvement.


Do not force a toddler to walk before ready. The way a toddler ambulates in a walker is not an indication of what they will do walking on their own. Once walking begins, watch the toddler's gait. Many toddlers have a pigeon-toe gait, this can be due to many different reasons. This can come from the hip, upper leg, lower leg and the foot itself. One of our Doctors will evaluate your child to see if treatment is needed.

Another problem seen at this time is toe walking. This can be due to anything from a bad habit, that will be outgrown to a neurological cause. When your child is seen the doctor will ask a history that goes back to before your child was born. By doing a thorough history and physical, a Doctor will be able to determine if any tests need to be ordered or if any treatment needs to be rendered.

Growing Children

As your child starts to grow you may start noticing things in the way they walk. One of the things you might see is a flat arch. Walking inwards or outwards is another common thing seen in the office. A very recent study demonstrated the effectiveness of orthotics in treating in toe in children ranging from 3-14 years of age.

Children's Flat Feet Diagnosis or just a symptom? Colorado Foot and Ankle can help your child with their foot and ankle issues. Book an appointment with our pediatric foot doctor today!

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