Treating Your Child's Foot Condition

Just like adults, children are prone to problems with their feet and ankles. However, some issues are unique to kids because they are growing and developing--rapidly. At Colorado Foot and Ankle in Colorado Springs, CO, your team of four specialized doctors takes great interest in pediatric foot health. They can help your child.

It's a complex structure

The foot combines the actions and support of bones, tendons, and ligaments. reports that the human foot has an amazing number of joints--30, in fact. Weight-bearing, motion, balance, stability--your wonderful feet provide them all, and when we talk about babies, toddlers and children, consider the rapid growth and development those feet undergo.

Pediatric foot care

As such, your child's feet and ankles require special care, particularly if they complain of pain or soreness. Or, perhaps as a parent, you have noticed your youngster:

  • Has flat arches
  • Seems clumsy or off-balance
  • Cannot keep up with his or her peers in terms of activity level
  • Appears to be limping

At Colorado Foot and Ankle, our pediatric foot doctors ask you to bring your child to one of two offices in Colorado Springs, CO. The doctor will examine your child's feet and watch how he or she walks and places the feet. Specialized X-ray imaging reveals the interior structure. Also, the doctor will review any symptoms to arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Common podiatric problems in children

Our doctors see a variety of pediatric foot and ankle issues. One of the most common, and uncomfortable, is plantar warts. Caused by a virus, these small, hard, benign growths typically present with heel pain. Warts are easily treated with topical medications or, on occasion, freezing or removal with a scalpel.

Another common problem is toeing in or toeing out. These gait issues can cause foot and ankle pain and impair mobility. Toe walking--or continually walking on tippy-toes--is often seen in toddlers as are flat feet. These developmental issues typically respond well to bracing or shoe orthotics (inserts in the shoe).

Finally, some children have exceptionally sore heels. They may have a swelling on the back of the heel, called Sever's heel. This painful condition affects the growth plate in the heel, an area often irritated with sports such as soccer. Rest, ibuprofen, ice, stretching exercises, and the wearing of quality, properly-fitting shoes help young patients with this problem.

Find out more

Contact Colorado Foot and Ankle in Colorado Springs, CO, if your child is experiencing any foot or ankle pain or problems walking. Our team of foot doctors love kids and want them to have great podiatric health. For more information or an appointment, call one of our two convenient locations. On East Pikes Peak Avenue or Briargate Parkway, phone (719) 475-8080.

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